David Shalamberidze

           Everyday veterinarian specialists struggle against infections as Salmonellosis, Escherichiosis. It is very important to find effective method of treatment and prophylaxis of Salmonellosis. To struggle against Salmonellosis and other infections (Escherichiosis) is complicated by the complex of biological properties of micro-organism.
          According to the current situation it is very important to prepare a new drug of high medical quality. Our target is the drug called Tylosin Tartrate powder, produced at Davati in Tbilisi.
         Controlled laboratory experiment on chicken has shown that antibacterial medicine Tylosin Tartare powder has high medical effectiveness against Salmonellosis, Escherichiosis, Staphylococci and Streptococci
         Experiment made on swine has shown that Tylosin Tartrate powder is effective for swine treatment.