David Shalamberidze
Tengiz Kurashvili

In recent years of the last century the social – economical conditions in the country had negatively affected on the poultry industry development. The result of non stabile supply of water and electricity, high quality food absence and veterinary medicines deficits and increased prices was the reason of poultry meat and egg production fall.

Nowadays poultry meat and egg producing is growing rapidly, and they are main industrial enterprises.

The further development of poultry business could’t be without sustained epizootical status and high veterinary and sanitary conditions.

There is constantly raised the problem of poultry bacterial disease in the large poultry farms, many antibacterial preparations are used but they do not always give the desirable result, so it has still being developed and tested new preparation treatments.

The aim of our experiments was to establish the effectiveness and safeties of produced by ltd “davati” the antibacterial preparation “sulfox” . The result of experiments showed that that increased dosage of preparation is safe so the drug is safety and non toxic, also the study of “silfox ‘s “ therapeutically efficacy showed that it has high antibacterial action. it is recommended to use sulfox against Samonelosis, Esherihiosis, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and other bacterial infections in poultry and other animals.