David Shalamberidze
Tengiz Kurashvili

The poultry farming is one of the high rentable agricultural fields in Georgia. This industry first revived in the country after the economical crisis. The poultry meat is leading between the other meat products of all consumer baskets. Also the poultry eggs service is stable. The poultry and egg industry and its quality depends on wellbeing of the epizootical status of the farm.

The bacterial infections are one of leading in poultry disease. The search-research of the effective preparation for the prophylactic and treatment of the avian disease is permanently keep doing. The aim of our study was to determine safeties and efficacies of Atavet 500 ws. Ten day chickens have been used for the experiments. The experiments revealed that the 3times, 5times, and 10 times therapeutically dosage of the Atavet 500 ws is non toxic and harmless.

The laboratory tasting found that the chickens processed with the Atavet 500 ws are sustainable for lethal forms of salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.